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  • work with Walter Hill

    I apologize if you cover this question in your book. I'm currently will be receiving a copy for my birthday, so I haven't read it yet.

    I much admire your work on "The Warriors", "Southern Comfort", and "Streets of Fire". Particularly the highly stylized world of the last one I mention.

    I have an older AC issue which devotes a page to this film, but I've always wondered how it was to work with Mr. Hill? I'm actually writing an essay on his career, for a "Great Directors" piece, so I would love to get a better understanding of his method.
    He rarely does interviews, so if you could give a few words on your working relationship together? (Did he show you any particular films that he influenced any of these films, etc?)

    I also recently watched the mini-series "Shogun", which features fine work by yourself It seemed like a laborious project, but one that has certainly paid off. I think it's one of the best mini-series there ever was.

    Wishing you all the best,

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    Thanks for the kind words re my work. I could, indeed talk for days about working with Walter Hill and the friendship that exist still between us. Talking briefly herre about our relationship would be very incomplete. I suggest you get holod of my other "film" book, "Every Frame a Rembrandt" in which I talk extensively about working with Walter. In fact, interestingly enough, three of the five films I talk about in that book are ones I did with Walter. Reading about them will give you a very comprehensive account of Walter as a man, as a Director and as friend.




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      Wow, I just found this post from Andy! He is not longer with us. He did a workshop with us. He was a great cinematographer and a great instructor.
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