JVC HD 110 any experience and/or advices?



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  • JVC HD 110 any experience and/or advices?

    I am about to face a corporate video and we are planning to shoot on a JVC HD 110 that the producer has just bought.

    any experience customizing this camera? any tips?

    any ideas on the workflow for FCPro 5.1.4 PAL?

    thanks in advance

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    Its a great camera, just make sure you get familiar with the lens, as the stock lens has no autofocus.


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      We have this camera at work. I love the thing!

      Any tips.. hmm.. Not really, just that it's a really easy camera to adapt to if you never worked with it before.

      You shouldn't encounter any FCP problems, in any way. The last update for FCP as I recall, has all presets ready to capture and work on. It was announced at IBC in Amsterdam last year. (Like NAB, in Las Vegas).