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  • Sound effects.

    Hello.I nice good sound effects for u.U can download them from these recource:
    If u know cool sound effects,pls write link at the comments.

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    Hi Nill, Thanks for posting. Can you tell us a little about you please? What part did you play in creating these and if so how did you go about it? What tools did you use? What inspired you?
    Mr. Kim Welch
    Publisher and Editor-in-Chief

    Welch Media, Inc., Publisher of
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      for me one of the best series I've seen and that uses the best sound of locution is Forensic Files ... the vocal work of the speakers and narrators of the stories is sublime ... as a Documentary Announcer, I always appreciate the most any manifestation of talent. As for the dubbing that we enjoy here in Spain ... also highlights the work of speech ... simply the maximum my job in: