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  • Killer Tracks License Fees

    Sorry if this is an old topic but...
    Can anybody just give me a ball park estimate of what it costs to license a song from Killer Tracks? I just need to know if it is prohibitive so I can replace a video sound track before I post my work on the web. Are we talking ten, twenty, a hundred or is it much worse?

    I go to their site and they want to collect all this personal information to have me "Register" without providing a personal information policy first. And Homey don't do that. I just want a general price list.

    I'm a student, currently. (An old guy, but a student) I have a few projects which I thought would never be seen by anyone other than prospective employers and fellow students.
    Well now it hits me that if I post them on the web it's a problem, especially if I freelance.

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    Music License

    There are basically two types of music license: Royalty Free-you pay one flat fee for all uses; Royalty Based you pay a license based on how you use the music. For instance, for the same piece of music, you would pay a small license fee for non-broadcast, non-theatrical education use of not more than 10,000 copies or you would pay a much larger fee for that same piece of music for theatrical exhibition and television broadcast. Since Killer Tracks is a Royalty Based service (as far as I can tell from their web site) they do not have a price list. You have to select a piece of music, tell them how you plan to use it, and then they will give you a license fee. To get an idea of their prices for you (I am curious too), I registered and put in a request for a license quote non-broadcast, less than 10,000 copies for one of their cuts. They will probably get back to me on Monday and I will post their quote here. I think you'd be better off replacing your music with Royalty Free cuts. They are not too expensive. You can buy individual cuts or CD's with several cuts. Here's an example: Hope this help. Will post Killer Track's quote when I get it. Good luck. JimT
    If you want students to act like professionals, then stop treating them like students.


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      I guess I figured it was something like that. I realize that each piece of music might have different rates associated with it, in addition to different rates based on the type of end use. The Advertising industry has been doing that for years with photographs. But you can at least find out price ranges first.

      I just didn't like the "we won't tell you anything until you register first" concept. I can go to any other web commerce site and you only have to enter info when you purchase an item. I might even have filled it in if they even gave some lip service to not using it for Marketing purposes. But they don't.


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        You are right about the marketing but I guess it is an inconvenience to be tolerated if you want their product bad enough. I will be in touch again when I hear from them. JimT
        If you want students to act like professionals, then stop treating them like students.


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          Music Royalty

          OK, here's the Killer Track's non-broadcast deal:

          For one cut of music (I selected one at random), for each use (every time you put it in a video), you pay bsed on the number of copies to be made:

          500 copies or less: $75
          10,000 copies or less: $95

          They do have a price list and if you will email me I will send it to you.

          If you want students to act like professionals, then stop treating them like students.


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            I just saw this old thread getting search hits! You can find out all this information on their site here: