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  • Ichnos - Student animation 2D/3D

    Hi everyone !

    I'm Simon, I'm twenty and I'm an animation student.
    Today, I'm gonna show you my school project, a five minutes movie named Ichnos.

    Ichnos, what is it ?

    At dawn, a hunter follows the huge tracks of an animal all over a continent. At sunset, he loses the tracks at the top of a hill, so he decides to shout to catch the mysterious animal's attention. The answer outgrows any of his expectations.
    No spoil !

    So you can watch the video here :


    I confess, I'm advertising my movie with this topic. But, you know, that's a way to give a life to my project. Sure, I'm open to some criticisms, that's the game I guess. Actually I have other ideas but first I prefer to have some feedback about this project.

    Anything else ?

    I hope so you like this project !
    If you wanna see my process you can watch the "making-of" video here :


    And you can hear the music in high quality here :

    Thank you for reading and watching !

    Have a nice day !