Creative filmmaker wanted for an animation music Video! Alternative Rock.

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  • Creative filmmaker wanted for an animation music Video! Alternative Rock.

    Dear Forum,

    We are Lost Letters For Lucy from Switzerland. We are playing Alternative Rock charged with emotions in Englisch and Swiss-German.

    For one of our songs we like to have an Animation Clip putting it on Youtube and our social media sites. For our fans to watching to our music. Maybe we will find a station playing it.
    So we are searching for a creative filmmaker here in!

    You can listen to the song "S'blaue Läbe" (means "The blue life") here:

    Here some views about the song (from,

    A Music Box
    "Theatrical, glam, golden 1st minute or so, evolves into wild swirly riffs recallin' 'she's so heavy' mayhaps, a creative endeavor, kudos...(dunno what he's sayin')"

    Mod Hippie
    "What a cool, trippy song. Love the lead guitar. The melody is excellent."

    "DOPE!!! like Floyd"

    We imagine a simple clip, maybe line drawing in black/white but with a lot of emotions, maybe like Radioheads 2+2=5:

    If you are interested or you have some questions, we are glad to hear from you and your ideas!
    We are hoping for a good cooperation with a lot of enthusiasm!

    All the best,

    Stefan in the Name of LLFL

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