FLUOTEC Will Showcase at CineGear Atlanta Cinema/Broadcast Lighting: NEW CINELIGHT & AuraLux 100 Tungsten; VEGALUX 300 and VEGALUX 200 UHP

FLUOTEC, the award winning leading manufacturer of LED professional lighting fixtures will showcase in the Pinewood Studios at CineGear ATLANTA the following Cinema and Broadcast Television Lighting Fixtures: THE VEGALUX 300 and VEGALUX 200 UHP Ultra High-Performance StudioLED Fresnels with Tunable and Dedicated Color Temperatures Daylight & Tungsten. FLUOTEC will also be showcasing the NEW CINELIGHT™ Studio Long Throw DMX Bicolor LED PANELS, powerful constant output tunable versions of 4ft (120cm), 2ft (60cm), 1ft (30cm) long, and the NEW AuraLux 100 Tungsten 5″ DMX StudioLED Manual Zoom Fresnel.

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