Film & Television Community in NM Joins to Form Film Business Alliance of New Mexico

Vendors and supporters of the film and television industry in New Mexico have launched the newly formed Film Business Alliance of New Mexico (FBANM) to support and recognize the achievements of the film and television industry within the state. Founding members of the FBANM include Albuquerque Studios, Santa Fe Studios, I-25 Studios, Build New Mexico, Enterprise Electrical Services, Jaynes Corporation, Probus Security, Southwest Suites, Studio Concierge, Reelz Channel and over 100 other New Mexico businesses.

The Alliance was created to spread awareness of the tremendous economic and cultural impacts of the film industry in New Mexico. Film and television production and post-production have a multi-billion-dollar impact in the state, creating and supporting over 17,000 jobs for New Mexico residents, and have led to the creation of over 350 vendor and service businesses in the state.

“It has been my privilege to personally grow a business that has serviced this industry for over 12 years and see the impact firsthand. Local businesses are an integral part of the infrastructure in New Mexico along with resident crew and studio facilities that productions rely upon when choosing New Mexico,” said Joyce Smith, Executive Director of FBANM. “The industry drives training programs, skills development, and educational opportunities at every level; with graduation rates in media-focused high school programs over 96% and many thousands of New Mexicans now working in the industry after having successfully completed one of our many diverse training programs.”‎

This week, Governor Susana Martinez announced a record boom for New Mexico’s film industry. The film industry has the largest economic impact in the state, bringing in almost $390 million in the last fiscal year.

“We knew we had to diversify,” Martinez said. “The industry now provides jobs for plenty of businesses around New Mexico. We’ve worked to strengthen and stabilize the film incentive program.”

It also attracts thousands of visitors to New Mexico every year, creates millions of potential tourism impressions around the world, supports local New Mexico charities through direct donations and unique promotional tie-in opportunities with major projects and stars.

With the film and television industry in New Mexico stronger than ever before, the Alliance will continue to strengthen and grow the industry over the coming years.

FBANM will host a kick-off mixer to give local businesses and concerned individuals the opportunity to learn more about the Alliance and how it plans to further support New Mexico’s film industry on August 4 at Albuquerque Studios. Additional details are available at

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