Film and Video Makers Community Spotlight: Jeff Dembiak, Composer/Musician

“Use all the resources available to you today, social networking, youtube, soundcloud, reverbnation, twitter, create a good website, join music libraries, try to get on Pandora, iHeart, Spotify, and most of all, believe in yourself and never stop being creative and determined.”

Jeff Dembiak creates, composes and records songs to license to the Film, TV, Gaming, and Publishing industries. He and his company, Dembiak Music, market their songs to recording artists through record companies and artist management groups. They also provide management services to aspiring singers and bands requiring planning, promotion, representation, composing, recording and production support.

Jeff DembiakStudentFilmmakers Magazine: Tell us about yourself and your current projects.

Jeff Dembiak: I have current projects with label artist SoShy of LA, who has worked with Billboards artists such as Timbaland and NAS in writing and singing assignments and who has her own independent label CD out). SoShy and I have alternative, pop and dance songs underway. Scarlett Quinn of Brighton, England who works with European producers on dance and pop songs is working with me on a dance and pop song. I am also working with Croatian artist Petra Orec who has landed contacts with MTV of Croatia. A recent Canadian artist, Natalia Kormish is now working with my on a blues song.

SFM: What was the very first instrument you ever picked up and played?

Jeff Dembiak: The first and only instrument I play is the bass. As a youth, I always focused on the bass in songs, and when I was 20 years old, I self-taught myself to play bass. I also compose all my songs on bass.

SFM: What tools do you use to edit your music?

Jeff Dembiak: I do a rough recording on my Riffworks sofware package. I record my basslines and a backbeat which I then turn over to either a singer or producer to add to my bass riffs. In the end process, I record my bass lines in Pro-Tools going through many compressions devices.

SFM: When you’re composing music for film/television, video, or media, what things do you turn to for inspiration? What inspires you?

Jeff Dembiak: I am inspired by what is going on in my life and what I feel inside. That may be a good or bad feeling that drives me to compose. Sometimes it’s a happy song, sometimes it a dark one. I am also inspired on what I hear from the past and present music of the industry.

SFM: What is your composing process like?

Jeff Dembiak: I compose all my songs on bass, an intro, verse, pre-chorus, chorus, bridge, etc. When I am happy with a structure, I typically send it to one of my producers to work up into a song with my direction and vision. Some singers, like SoShy, can actually write and sing to my bass lines and backbeat. But typically with the producer, we go back and forth sharing ideas until a reasonable rough piece of music is agreed upon, then I shop it to potential singers to work on it with us.

SFM: Can you share with us a songwriting technique?

Jeff Dembiak: My songwriting technique is simple, go with your gut. Your internal self allows you to go with a theme for a song. Mood and what is going on in my life dictates how I compose.

SFM: What is your favorite tool for composing?

Jeff Dembiak: My favorite tool for composing is a drum beat, the beat unleashes me, inspires me to develop bass riffs that typically lay out the structure for my songs.

SFM: Do you have an agent?

Jeff Dembiak: Right now the music libraries and myself are the agents along with my music attorney.

SFM: What are some tips or do’s and don’ts in regards to working with music libraries?

Jeff Dembiak: I like music libraries, and I am signed with three of them. They open up your exposure. I don’t compose to anticipate what a film or industry is expecting. I just compose and submit to the libraries. If they like it, fine, if not, oh well. (iHeart Radio) (search dembiak music)

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