New Esports Scholarship for Video Producers

The StreamGeeks have recently announced a new $1,000 scholarship designed for video producers working with esports live streaming and video production. This new scholarship is designed for student video producers working to create videos or live streams that help promote local esports events. The scholarship was announced with the release of the book Esports in Education which outlines the many ways that student filmmakers and broadcast clubs can use their skills to work with esports clubs, to help live stream and produce content to promote competitive video game tournaments, and more. Author Paul Richards also explores the intersection between education and esports to better help students pursue career paths within the growing esports and video production industry.

Esports in Education
Esports in Education

At the 2019 StreamGeeks Summit held in NYC, students from the S.A.R. High School Broadcast Club helped to produce the live esports tournament held by the Center for Educational Innovation. The esports tournament featured a three-on-three Rocket League championship with student producers, camera operators, reporters and play-by-play announcers. Students from the S.A.R. High School were able to leverage their video-making skills to produce content for an esports tournament that was live-streamed to Twitch. The entire experience showed just how many jobs and opportunities there are available for student filmmakers in esports. 

Unlike traditional sports like baseball and football, esports spectators need someone working on video production in order to view the gameplay. Students interested in live video production and filmmaking can lend their skills to the growing esports industry where student excitement and innovation flourish on campus. In the next decade, competitive esports is set to become a varsity-level sport supported by high school and college-level athletics departments.

Paul Richards Author of Esports in Education
Paul Richards Author of Esports in Education

Anyone creating video content for esports in conjunction with their school or local esports club is invited to apply for the scholarship so check out the StreamGeeks Esports Scholarship if you are interested. In order to enter, you must write an essay about a recent project or live stream that you helped produce. The essay should include your thoughts on esports in education as well as the effect your video has had on the organization you are working with. 

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