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Announcing New indiSYSTEM DSLR Rigs and Jib Systems
DSLR rig

DSLR rig system
The AIRsupport Shoulder Mount DSLR Rig

When your budget is stretched, your travel space too small, and the shooting schedule is insane... What do you call for? AIRsupport. Light, rugged, versatile…and that doesn’t factor in the price or quality. A multi-position hand-held, shotgun-style/shoulder mount rig, with thumb controlled follow focus and durable No-Drop French Flag matte-box, all under four hundred bucks? Direct hit on high priced, under-performing rigs. Impossible shoots? Insane travel schedules? AIRsupport has you covered.

What comes in the AIRsupport? 12" Carbon fiber rods. Height adjustable camera block. Shoulder-mount/shot-gun brace. Front adjustable handles. Thumb controlled friction follow focus. Matte box w/ No-Drop French Flag.

DSLR jib system

DSLR jib system
The indiGO-JIB for DSLRs

An establishing jib shot. We've seen countless movies open with them. We see them in almost every commercial. And they are always eye-catching. However, jibs are bulky, they're heavy, unwieldy and expensive. Transporting them gets dodgy, let alone the time it takes to set them up. A jib that would fold down to 42", support up to ten pounds of camera and accessories, have an over 8' height reach, and cost under $400. Sure, and you're still waiting for the leprechaun to train your unicorn. Until he does, there is the indiGO-JIB. Folds up to about the size of your tripod. Mounts onto a standard fluid head (example 501 or 503 head) for smooth pans. Has a unique patent pending weight adjustment bar; no more trying to get that elusive exact weight. Slide to balance. Use your own weights. Let the other guys be green with envy when you show up with your indiGO-JIB.

Being an independent filmmaker provides many challenges on a day-to-day and project-to-project basis from low budgets to minimal access to equipment, talent and resources. With this in mind, Studio 4 Productions started up with the needs of the indi filmmaker at the heart of its offering, with the aim of building high-quality yet affordable filmmaking tools for indies. "Starting with the indiFOCUS almost five years ago, we were the first company to not only offer an independent-built quality follow focus unit, but one that was truly universal, resulting in a unit that could be used effectively on camera stock lenses without the need for gearing..."

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