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New HD DSLR Techniques for Your Arsenal

Patrick ReisThis weekend HDSLR Workshop is geared for all levels of filmmakers, videographers, cinematographers, camera operators, digital media artists, still photographers and journalists who want to learn how to shoot better video using DSLR cameras. Day 2 will have a special focus on new camera movement techniques, best practices, and technologies. Join us for the Workshop. Meet and network with film and video makers in Manhattan, New York City.

Narratives vs. Documentaries
At this weekend's HDSLR Workshop, you'll receive a full range of powerful HDSLR filmmaking concepts and tools that can benefit any HDSLR production - whether you're shooting a documentary, narrative, or television spot - music video, event video, or web series.

Canon 5D Mark III cameras provided by

CSI cameras lighting and grip

CSI Rentals is the one stop shop in New York City for Photo, Video, and Cinema equipment all under one roof featuring Camera, Lighting, and Grip Rentals as well as expendables supplies. CSI Rentals Street Level Location speeds and eases loading, unloading, and accessibility and also offers Curb Side Service. Let CSI bring your gear out to you while you stay in your vehicle. CSI additionally has a Delivery & Pick Up Service and a Brooklyn Location for pick up and drop off. Get ready for your next productions with all necessary gear for outdoor shoots and productions on location. (details)

Featured Audio Rental House

Professional Sound Services

Professional Sound Services (PSS) located in New York, NY is dedicated to providing the best in audio equipment Sales, Service and Rentals throughout the US and World. For a number of years PSS has brought a concern for service to a loyal clientele in production sound for motion pictures, broadcasting, and video production. They also serve recording studios, schools, universities, and government agencies worldwide. "If you ever have a question about audio equipment or our services, don't hesitate to call upon me personally." - Rich Topham, Jr. - President - PSS
FocusONE by Edelkrone

FocusONEFocusONE by Edelkrone is optimized for independent filmmakers who pull their own focus. With the focus marker facing directly to you, you will feel more in control and with the help of the dial around the focus marker you can focus without the need for a marker pen. This will give you a total independency and you will achieve super sharp focuses with FocusONE. To use the FocusONE is very simple. With just one adjustment knob you can reposition the unit on the rod and tilt the head angle as you like. The focus wheel of FocusONE is wide and comfortable.

indiSLIDERmini Deluxe

The indiSLIDER Deluxe features a pistol ball-grip. With a pull of a trigger, the camera can be rolled to any angle, allowing unparalelled freedom when composing shots. It has the table legs, so being attached to a tripod isn't the only option. 24" slide. Tripod mountable. Pistol ball-grip, or a small fluid head can be attached. All aluminum, nylon, stainless steel constructions ensures no rust and soap and water clean up.

indiSLIDERmini with Legs

This is the world famous indiSLIDERmini, but has the table legs so that it can be used on flat surfaces.  Close up shots, or in tight areas where a tripod won't fit, the indiSLIDERmini with legs will. 24" slide. Tripod mountable. Camera puck, or a small fluid head can be attached. All aluminum, nylon, stainless steel constructions ensures no rust and soap and water clean up.

ULTRAcompact Rig

Shoulder mount or on a tripod? Usually this means settling for one or the other.
Not with the ULTRAcompact. Under 4 pounds with handle grips and shoulder pad, the ULTRAcompact can be shoulder mounted or after removing the handles and shoulder mount, on a tripod studio-style. It has the built in miniMOUNT, a "C" bracket with handle that allows for accessories to be mounted vertically or horizontally. The miniMOUNT has enough clearance for a DSLR with battery pack or to mount a sound link device underneath. The camera is mounted to the ULTRAcompact with a quick release mount, allowing for minute horizontal adjustments as you change lenses.

AIRsupport 2.0

Enhanced with a geared follow focus and indiSYSTEM's patented award winning SNAP Gears, a new ball mount accessory bar, and a multi-use support arm, the AIRsupport 2.0 is ready for even more extreme video missions. The support arm now has a shotgun style butt plate, or a curve, padded shoulder mount. Has quick release plate for quick camera changes. One quick change knob, and shoulder mounted or shotgun style is available. Finally, when you want a monitor or a recording accessory, there is an adjustable ball mount arm on back for any accessories you need. Has the no flag drop mattebox. Can be mounted to a tripod. When the shooting schedules and shots are at their extreme, when you need heavy air support more than ever, the AIRsupport 2.0.


RigWheels are a simple and sleek and portable way to add motion to your images utilizing support equipment that you may already own. Because RigWheels can be used in so many different ways, they are the easiest and most portable way for you to add smooth camera movement to your arsenal of production tricks. RigWheels can mount directly to your camera rig and can easily be configured as a pipe-dolly, skate-dolly, slider, and more.

Carl Zeiss CP.2 Lenses

The Carl Zeiss Camera Lens Division designs and manufactures the finest cinematography lenses in the world. New for 2012 are five new CP.2 prime lenses, including an ultra-wide 15mm, a 135mm telephoto and three 'Super Speed' T1.5 lenses – the 35mm, 50mm and 85mm. Encompassing 14 lenses over 10 different focal lengths, the CP.2 lenses are the most versatile and cost effective cinema lenses available today. Also new for 2012 is the first Compact Zoom, the T2.9/70-200 – featuring the same full frame coverage and interchangeable mounts as the CP.2 primes. (details)

First Look: Camera Turret Feather Touch Lens Control Zoom System

Get the First Look at Camera Turret's brand new "Feather Touch" Zoom system. With the Feather Touch Zoom lens control system, you can move even a quarter turn DSLR lens slower and smoother than a broadcast lens. + StudentFilmmakers Magazine will feature and demo the Feather Touch Zoom at this weekend's HDSLR Workshop. Come and join us. Try the Feather Touch Zoom system at workshop and see what it's all about. (details)

Camera Turret PT20 Motorized Pan and Tilt System

Ramping, motor feedback control, linear and logarithmic joystick control, as well as joystick angle filtering are all done simultaneously at lightning speed. This is what creates the smooth powerful movement of Camera Turret Technologies, Inc.'s pan/tilt systems. Run from the proportional joystick that auto centers on start up, as slow as 1 revolution in 20 minutes and as fast a 6 RPM. From the end of your crane, tripod or wall mounted, the PT20 will create movement equal to that of the major studios. The PT20 moves cameras up to 20 pounds ease.

Beachtek DXA-SLR PRO

Unleash your sound with the Beachtek DXA-SLR PRO. The essential DSLR camera audio adapter. The DXA-SLR PRO bridges the gap between DSLRs and professional video cameras by enabling pro audio features that facilitate high-quality audio recording directly to the camera. Includes dual trim controls, ultra low noise preamplifiers for exceptionally clean audio, fast acting limiters, VU meters, phantom power and headphone monitoring plus a unique AGC Disable feature to reduce hiss. Ergonomic chassis mounts securely to camera and tripod for a truly portable all-in-one high quality audio solution. Two year warranty. (details)


The new Beachtek DXA-SLR MINI active DSLR camera audio adapter allows you to easily attach microphones and wireless systems that have mini-plug connectors to DSLR cameras for control and monitoring features. Ideal for the popular Rode camera mounted VideoMics. Also includes a stereo mini-jack input for stereo mics. Same great features as its big brother DXA-SLR PRO less the XLR inputs and phantom power. Mini price, Maxi features and performance. Two year warranty.

JuicedLink Riggy-Micro RM333

The Riggy-Micro RM333 by JuicedLink gives you three XLR inputs (the left channel can handle two inputs but they are married onto the left channel), level control for each input, mic or line level for each input and phantom power (12v or 48v).  It can attach to the bottom of the camera body but if you pair the unit with the Riggy Bracket RB200 you can mount onto the camera shoe and actually gain two shoes on the top and side of the RM333.

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