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Hiro Narita, ASCMindful Nourishment by Hiro Narita, ASC

"Some students explore possible careers in the film industry, while others are simply fascinated by filmmaking. Cinema is a synthesis of art and technology, and I believe there is no short cut to success in the field. I find that students – and professionals – who excel in filmmaking take a broad perspective on art and intertwine that understanding with their own unique life experiences." ~Hiro Narita, ASC
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Think CrewCreate, Collaborate and Share with Think Crew

Schedule your film or series with cutting edge tools that help you to create, collaborate and share your shooting schedule wherever you are.
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Jon Bach of Puget SystemsPuget Systems
Post-Production Workstations: Customize Your Tools Wisely

"Don't be afraid to try something new. The biggest asset that you have isn't that you're not locked into 'the way it is supposed to be done'. Technology today enables us to do things that weren't even possible before, and that means that you don't have to be a huge studio to tell your story. We love seeing the creative work that our clients put out." ~Jon Bach
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Community Spotlight with Blake Barnett

"On one of our first larger scale commercial projects we shot a scene for Xgliders where we closed down a street in San Francisco. It was a lot of fun to have our talent on these skateboard-like devices, plus we all learned how to use them. Every now and then, you’ll still see someone in our office cruising by on them."
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High Flying Bird - Shot on SmartphoneiPhone Cinematography

As most film productions have been effectively postponed by the pandemic, I thought it might be beneficial to discuss options available to us as storytellers and cinematographers from the comfort of our phones.  Most smartphones are capable of not only 4K imagery – albeit at highly compressed codecs – but also slow-motion frame rates, and there are a bevy of apps worth downloading to maximize their effectiveness as filmmaking tools.
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Community Spotlight with Dani Kosger

"I started at LMU with the goal of honing my skills as a screenwriter and director but have since discovered that I also have a passion for cinematography. My first semester, I was invited to work as a 1st Assistant Camera for a friend's junior film and discovered that I really enjoyed it. The film was a sci-fi/horror short that we shot in 3 overnights out in Palmdale, and I had a blast working behind the camera and networking with the people that I would be spending my next 4 years with."
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The Online Meeting Survival GuideThe Online Meeting Survival Guide is now available

If you have been attending online meetings and wanted to get more from your online communications experience, you may want to pick up a free copy of The Online Meeting Survival Guide. Paul Richards is the same author who brought us Esports in Education, and The Virtual Ticket. His new book is all about increasing your online communications capabilities and mastering software such as Skype, Google Meet, Facebook Rooms, Microsoft Teams, and Zoom.
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Community Spotlight with James A. Goins

"First, thanks for the opportunity to share. Hopefully, I can give you something that others can use and benefit by. Well, let's see. Currently, I'm in the process of developing a screenplay I've written – who isn't right? [Laughs] Most of my work has consisted of composing music for stage plays, directing and writing plays and musicals. My early work dealt with mainstream music, but I found that, that really wasn’t for me. Something about theatre and film spoke to something deeper in me than pop music."
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StudentFilmmakers Magazine

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William Donaruma#KeepFilming

Production classes are inherently hands-on, team-based, work closely in a small circle to get your shots, and then, sit in a small room together or at adjacent edit stations to make it all come together.  Not exactly the social distancing model we are now supposed to adhere to given the situation.  How do we, as filmmaking educators, keep our classes engaged and moving forward?
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Amy DeLouiseIs the Future of Video Production Remote?

Covid has changed production, possibly forever. Today we are facing an interesting convergence of mobile video, online video, archival content, and remote workarounds for production, as well as even more critical cloud and remote workflows for post-production.  Even when we “return to normal,” aspects of these workflows and strategies will remain. In this article, I’ll take a look at some innovations and tips for managing the challenge of work-from-wherever-we-are production and post.
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Community Spotlight with Joseph Forte

"One of my most memorable projects was when we did a set of videos for healthcare technology company Cyracom. The spokesperson for the set of videos was Michael O’Neal of Grey’s Anatomy fame. It was the first time we worked with a Hollywood actor, and he was just such a pleasure to work with. It really broke the fear and stigma of working with people with any sort of fame, as we realized they are just like everyone else and they want the finished outcome to turn out just as great as the production crew does."
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Shane Stanley and CrewFilmmaking:
The Most Toxic Relationship You'll Ever Have

What’s essential to being a good director? First and foremost, its passion. Regardless of what you want to believe, filmmaking will be one of the most seductive, yet volatile and deceptive relationships you will ever grapple with. I’ve quipped it’s my “forbidden fruit” or “fatal attraction” because of the pleasure and pain it causes but for many of us that is all part of the allure.
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Community Spotlight with Bob Gillen

"I am working on a series of short novels featuring The Film Crew. The first book, Off-Road, is out now, up on Amazon. I am in the middle of editing and revising book two, Surfrider. Three teens from the Los Angeles area get involved with fun, exciting adventures. They are young filmmakers. Their filmmaking attempts get them into trouble, and they use those same skills and gear to resolve their challenges."
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ChromatherapyUse of Chromotherapy and Yoga during COVID-19

As a filmmaker and creative director, the intent of my article is to explain how to apply Chromotherapy (or color therapy) and Yoga to our immediate environment. The purpose is to help retain tranquility and focus on good health while developing the right mood for your film in making.
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