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3D Design Motion TourThe 3D Design and Motion Tour 2019

Learn 3D production techniques from professionals. Get inspired. Coming to a city near you - this one-day event is for designers who are interested in learning in-demand 3D production techniques. The event will cover basic 3D skills and a step-by-step breakdown of processes used for creating a state-of-the-art animation. Includes presentations by celebrated 3D artists sharing their work and techniques.
All attendees will receive licenses of Cinema 4D, Adobe Creative Cloud Suite, RedShift, and Linkedin Learning, and free resources from Kitbash and Sketchfab – a $1,000 value. To receive these goodies, you must be present at the event. Use the Coupon Code "STUFILM" for 50% off the $95 ticket.
Register Now. Seating is Limited.

sci-fi"Creating Characters from Other Realms" by Pamela Jaye Smith

...In the midst of the most scientifically advanced civilization in history we're seeing a resurgence of interest in magic and other realms. You doubt there's more to reality than our human senses can perceive? Just watch your cat stalking "invisible" things. The eternal popularity of scary stories is evidence that most of us love to be mystified and sometimes a little terrified, maybe because it reminds us that we’re alive, maybe just for the adrenaline rush.
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DXA-RED from BeachtekThe New Standard for Recording Audio on RED Cameras: DXA-RED from Beachtek

Super Compact and Easily Mountable Dual XLR Adapter for
RED DSMC2 Cameras. Ultra Compact Chassis. 2 balanced XLR Inputs. Phantom Power. 40db or 60db Gain. Main and Aux 3.5mm Outputs. Bracketing Ability. 2-pin LEMO Power Jack. Micro USB Power Jack. Good / Over LED Indicators. Versatile Mounting Options For more information, go to

Audio for Documentary"Deliver a Strong Audio Mix for Your Documentary" by Bryant Falk

Docs are unique, as your location material is critical. There usually aren't any second chances; what you get is what you have. This tends to make me implement a "layered approach" to a mix. As I don't know where my best sound may be coming from, (for example, camera mic, lav mics, or boom), I want all of them at the ready as the mix progresses. Ruling out a track before actually getting to work could be a regrettable move later on...
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sound waves"Sound Designing & How To Think About Sound: Four-Step Strategy"
by Mark Kerins

4 Steps:
1. Assess the story.
2. Build your sonic palette.
3. Create your arc.
4. Develop the sounds.
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Peter Stein, ASC"To Zoom or Not to Zoom: That is the Question"
by Peter Stein, ASC

You have just gotten your first big film to shoot. This is an exciting time. You want it to be a fantastic experience, because it will be a mainstay of your reel - and a possible entré into the industry. You have a great relationship with the director and even the producer thinks you are a talented shooter - and you feel that you can light the project using your own unique abilities and a deep understanding of the story... After all, you have been practicing compositions and lighting for a few years now. You just don’t want to "blow it" by taking too much time. This is a chance to bond with the above the line folks who will certainly be making more films in the future. A slow DP is a DP who doesn’t work very much. What are some of the things that will slow a production down?
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film directing"Result Directing: Working with Your Actors" by Gleb Osatinski

I always thought thinking about the final result in directing with actors is the most important thing on the set. How it works - I know exactly what I want the actors to look like and how they should sound like, and I do have a clear picture inside of my head when I go to the set. Once actors become close to the final image I have, I consider my job done. I call this image that appears in my head when I read the script my directorial vision; and until recently, I was thinking this is my main driver I should have as a director and that I should have while working with actors on the set. However, I started to ask myself, is this the right way to go, and could this impose a problem? Quite frankly, I didn’t see it coming until one of my actors asked me, "What do you mean, 'upset'?", or "What do you mean, 'scared'?"
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NAB Show New YorkNAB Show
New York®
October 16 - 17, 2019
New York, NY, USA
Jacob K. Javits Center

Give the media and entertainment routine a change of scene. Located in New York City, a melting pot of content, products, and inspiration, NAB Show New York is the largest gathering of the media, entertainment, and technology community on the east coast. It’s where insights are shared, makers meet, and creators connect—in the center of the world media capital. Visit

Visit StudentFilmmakers Magazine Booth # N1058 at 2019 NAB Show New York – Manhattan, NYC.


Get the full picture. Immerse yourself in the most dynamic, interactive experiences for photographers and videographers seeking the newest technologies and techniques that will take their art to the next level. This is the must-attend event of the year—join the entire photography and videography community at PHOTOPLUS 2019, October 24–26 at the Javits Convention Center, New York, NY. & StudentFilmmakers Magazine will be exhibiting at PHOTOPLUS.
Visit Booth # 665.
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