Echo Park Film Center – Intro. to Color Correction, Color Theory and Davinci Resolve

When: Sunday, November 18, 2018

Time: From 1pm to 5pm

Color correction is often an elusive subject when it comes to independent filmmaking. Directors and Cinematographers have a vision for the images they produce and a Colorist will use their expertise to bring it to fruition.

But digital color correction is more than a post-production process. The best colorists have a deep understanding of color theory: its history, its purpose and how it applies to modern-day filmmaking.

Part One will begin with color theory. Participants will learn about the color wheel, color harmony and the context of how colors are put into practice. Using exercises created by Swiss expressionist painter Johannes Itten and German-American artist Josef Albers, participants will experiment using color swatches to gain a deeper understanding of the interactions of color. How color theory translates to filmmaking will be explored through examples of filmic color palettes. These palettes express color’s importance to story, tone and emotional connection to the audience.

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