DJI Army Ban. What’s Next?


DJI Army Ban. What’s Next?

By George F. Lamboy III JD, Certified FAA Remote UAS Pilot

If you’re an Army user of UAS, hopefully you have already come across the stop use memorandum regarding DJI products.

Bottom line, if you are an Army user of UAS and are not operating under an official exception, PLEASE STOP!

Lots of information on the public domain speculating about the reasons and security implications. What’s next? User impacts from this news depends on the your organization and risk exposure.

One of the lessons that we’re taking away is resiliency and finding ways avoid overreliance on any one piece of equipment or vendor to continue the project.

DJI UAS capability and price point has found many users reliant on this vendor for their UAS operations.

What is UAS?

Community focus is on air vehicles, sensors, control software, etc. when thinking about Unmanned Aircraft SYSTEMs. A critical component of the SYSTEM is the human element. People, processes, and experience impact results.