Composer Don Ferrone: “Terrestrial Voices”

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“Terrestrial Voices” is my new Climate Change Composition, which I feel combines a passion to save the planet and my years of experience as a Los Angeles studio musician. Am looking for a filmmaker or cinematographer (preferably in the Southern California area) that would be interested in collaborating in the creation of a climate change video, using my original music as the score. If you are interested in the project, please email me. However, I hope everyone can listen to the four individual tracks at this YouTube Channel Link:

Don Ferrone is a performer and composer equally at home performing with a symphony orchestra, scoring commercials, or creating computer video game soundtracks. His ability to switch musical gears makes him very viable in the music world. An early love for jazz and rhythm are strong attributes of his style. Don performs with the Hollywood Studio Symphony, the Los Angeles Opera Orchestra, the Pacific and Pasadena Symphony Orchestras and is principal bass of the Los Angeles Master Chorale Orchestra.

Can you share with us your creative process for composing music?

Don Ferrone: I think the most important part of my process is continuity. I compose or study every day. I don’t wait for inspiration. From work comes creativity.

What was a unique composing challenge, and how did you overcome the challenge?

Don Ferrone: Directors who want music that is not in there. Budgets and convincing them my approach is realistic.

Can you share a quick tip for young filmmakers on collaborating with composers?

Don Ferrone: Know the music of the composer you’re planning on working with. Not too many temp tracks.

How are you navigating and keeping active and creative during these Covid pandemic months of social distancing, and times of quarantine and self-quarantine? Can you share some inspirational words with fellow creatives?

Don Ferrone: I collaborate with different creative partners using Pro Tools collaboration via Avid Link. I live in Los Angeles and many projects are being done this way.

Terrestrial Voices:
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