Community Spotlight with William Bracey

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Community Spotlight with William Bracey
Sound Design, Audio Engineering


William BraceyCurrent Projects:

Since the global crisis (COVID19), work has really slowed down to a halt, if we’re being honest. Though it has been a challenge, I’ve decided to keep busy by thrusting myself into projects that would keep me “sharp” as a sound editor. Also, staying on top of my business responsibilities, such as tax documents, website management, demo reel updates, social media presence, etc.

William BraceyFavorite/Memorable Project:

My most favorite project was reconstructing a movie scene. I love projects like these because you would “strip away” all of the original audio that accompanied the scene. And re-build it with your own material. Dialogue, background, sound effects, and music. It really allows you to become very creative, and I realized that I have a passion for ADR or Automated Dialogue Replacement.

William BraceyChallenge and Solution:

Being that I have a dedicated workspace / editing suite in my home, that basically means the basement. When scheduled to perform some recording, I have to allow for times of the day when there’s less traffic (family, washer/dryer, A/C). I basically found the solution is to ensure all noisy appliances are turned off, and family members are asleep.

3 Production Tips:

  • Tip 1: Record Everything. You never know what you are going to capture. Sometimes there could be small surprises in what you’ve recorded.
  • Tip 2: Gear Lust is Real! Don’t fall victim to it. Sure, we all love the shiny new toys that could make sound design a bit more interesting, however, I would argue the best equipment (plugins, mics, multi-track recorder) are the ones that you already own.
  • Tip 3: Remember to Have Fun and Be Creative. It’s fun to allow your mind to wander and just enjoy the art of storytelling through sound.

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