Community Spotlight with Vikki Wells

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Community Spotlight with Vikki Wells
Producer and Network Owner


 Current Projects:
I’m very excited to launch a channel “for teens by teens” on our streaming network. It’s called, “BeeFreeMeTV”, because we give students a chance to “be free” and showcase their work, short films and videos to the exciting and ever-growing streaming TV audience. Students’ works will appear across Apple TV, Android TV, Amazon FireTV and Roku. They are also placed on our iOS app and Android app. This way the world can stream your works just like they would if they were watching Disney+ or Netflix.

Vikki Wells On Set

One of the Most Important Things Learned on the Set or in the Studio:

One of the most important things I’ve learned on set is to allow everyone the ability to do their job, but at the same time, stay on schedule. So, pre-production is super important. Making lists, schedules and making sure everyone knows what to do it vital.

For example, I shot six completely different shows that were to air as 30-minute shows in 6 straight days. Everything was different – the set, the actors, the theme, the budget! But, at the end of the week, we were amazed at how smoothly everything went.

Here are 3 rules:

(1.) Think of every detail prior to the shoot day and write it down. If you forget something — and you will — don’t worry.

(2.) Producing is fun, so make sure you give-way to a productive, creative atmosphere. In other words, don’t be a jerk!

(3.) Over-shoot when you can, and listen to your cameraman and audio tech. If your audio tech says he’s hearing too much wind, stop and make an adjustment. Don’t regret not making simple adjustments because of time.

Vikki Wells On Set

Challenge & Solution:

With indie productions, finances are always one of the most challenging areas. I’ve been successful in bartering and in giving promotional, professional credit and social media posts in return for great, up-and-coming actors and production staff. So, don’t be afraid to tell the truth. If you can’t afford it or someone, just be honest. Those who believe in you and your project will be there for you no matter what. But, if you promise to pay and don’t, that’s bad — terrible for your reputation and your self-esteem. Remember that every challenge you will face in this business may be new to you, but it’s common. Seek out mentors and join professional groups where you can bounce ideas off other filmmakers. You’ll grow faster.

Top 3 Tips for Aspiring Producers

My top 3 tips are:

(1.) Don’t wait for everything to be perfect — it never will be. And don’t wait for your big break — you must make it yourself!

(2.) Believe in yourself and in others. If you don’t open yourself up for failure, you will not succeed.

(3.) Producing is so much FUN. You get to work with other creative, life-loving people. So, cherish it! Don’t let the love of money destroy your passion. Just think, “I’m going to do what I love!” Then, as you are doing — the money and notoriety will follow.

Vikki Wells On Set

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