Community Spotlight with Shahar Reznik

Pictured above: Director of Photography, Tel Aviv, Israel. Behind-the-scenes still taken from the short film production, Golda a European Champion. The film takes place at a remote military base on the Israel-Egypt border. A field-school on the Negev Desertstood-in for the base.

#ThrowbackThursday #TBT  Do you remember our Community Spotlight with Shahar Reznik?

“I started my career as a cameraman for the IDF. Following my discharge from the film unit, I began working as a second camera assistant in television commercials and later as a first assistant and focus puller. My expertise and experience in operating quickly paved the way toward becoming a full-time cameraman and director of photography. Last June, after years as DP, I was honored by my colleagues at the Israeli Film & TV Guild who elected me for an active role in the Union.”



“As part of my research for each project, I gather all sorts of visual references that best articulate my intentions for the film. The works of artists Juan Munoz and Caravaggio always provide valuable inspiration.”

Challenge and Solution:

Challenge: “My basic challenge is conveying the director’s vision while utilizing the existing [and usually insufficient] resources. My current project, a short titled, Running in Circle, requires sending shafts of light through the windows of a tiny apartment without a budget for large sources.”

Solution: “We take advantage of the sunny weather. My plan involves placing mirror reflectors on the roof of an adjacent building and shining sunlight through 1 x1 of light-grid into the windows… should do the trick.”

Favorite Tools:

“Mirrors and various reflective surfaces are very useful both as creating interest in the frame, and as instruments for extracting more from the set and lighting.”

Favorite Technique:

“Planning ahead. I draw floor plans for most scenes – it’s a reliable means of communicating my intentions for the crew and figuring out the most efficient way for getting through the day. Yet I always deviate from the plan, improvise and try the make the most of the existing conditions on the set and the actors’ usage of the space.”


“I’m currently working on a documentary feature by award-winning director Ibtisam Mara’ane and the short mentioned above. I’ve recently completed two short films: Light Sleep and Golda a European Champion. I shoot lots of local and international documentary and reality shows for national TV stations, commercials and music videos. Cinematography is my passion in life, and for interesting projects I am more than willing to travel many miles… Geography is no obstacle.”


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