Community Spotlight with Maia Kimadze

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Community Spotlight with Maia Kimadze
Cinematographer, Editor, Director


Maia KimadzeCurrent Projects:

For the last 8 years, I have worked mostly as a DP or a camera op. Right now, am working with the writer/director on a web series that will spread out in 6 episodes, though due to coronavirus the production is on hold. And since I have more time available now, I am also working on finishing my own script and hopefully find funds to produce it in the future.

Most Favorite Scene to Shoot Thus Far:

One of the scenes that comes to my mind right now, there was an argument between two characters and instead of shooting them in one room facing each other, we staged and shot it, characters moving between the rooms and hallway occupied with their own things and arguing, which made the scene more organic. That was fun to shoot.

Challenge and Solution:

There are always minor problems on the set, like not enough black flags to block the light and substituting it with the garbage bags and such… But one time, second camera operator did not show up on set, and we had to recreate the shot list to cover all the pages for that day. That was a challenge because the time was pressing, but if you have a good crew, it is possible. With that said, I cannot stress enough how important it is to choose a right crew and cast to work with.

3 Production Tips:

Tip #1.   Arrive early on set.
Tip #2.  If you think there is a better way, do it. Never say: Oh, it’s good enough. (Considering budget.)
Tip #3.   Prepare as much as you can before the shoot, it saves time on set.

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