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Community Spotlight with Lillian Walker
Producer/Host, The Bottom Line Show Live;
Writer/Author, World Traveler,
Vlogger, YouTuber, Photographer

Lillian WalkerOne of the Most Important Things Learned on the Set or in the Studio:

To pay close attention to what people say and don’t say, how they say it, honor your intuitive hits and speak up even if it doesn’t make sense to you. Put your ego aside and be there to serve, and most of all, be flexible and fluid like water. When you get an intuitive hit, your speaking may uncover a treasure of gems that will delight the other person and may take you in a direction you hadn’t intended, and it might be ten times better than what you anticipated. It’s better to ask and get a no than never ask and never know. Ask, you may get a no, you haven’t lost anything. You may get a yes, and hit the jack pot. It’s so worth it.

Challenge and Solution:

This could be a loaded gun, because sometimes we have technical challenges that can be very, very frustrating. Other times, it’s scheduling, or like right now, due to the pandemic, we have many restrictions. So first of all, I’ve learned to focus on what I do have, and not what I don’t, or my restrictions. Thinking outside of the box is super helpful no matter what the challenge is. That being said being prepared and having back-ups is extremely important. I was trained to have back-ups and back-up to a back-up, etc. So, two back-up Microphones, three extra lavalieres, extra tripod, extra lights, two extra batteries etc. One system fails, doesn’t matter, I’m prepared, however, sometimes, even that can only take you so far…

I’ve learned to not get frustrated anymore and learned in the face of something being stuck, frustrating or basically unwanted, my first instinct now is to automatically hit the “PAUSE BUTTON” and I DON’T REACT. This is a secret. I stop, and tell myself, OK this is unwanted, I hit the pause button, I am going to slow down my breath, slow down my heart rate, and slow down my brain waves, and I am going to transmute this energy into the end result I want.

I might take 3 minutes or an hour, it doesn’t matter. When my instinct tells me I’m done, I’m done, then I let go, surrender knowing it WILL BE. I don’t know when, I don’t know how, I just know it will…

Now I am happy and excited as well as in anticipation knowing what I want is forthcoming. The bottom line is what I want has been uploaded into the universe. Just like uploading a file into the cloud.

I talk a lot about this on Love & Money Secrets TV, this works for everything. Health, Wealth, problems and challenges of all types. It’s really magical.

Production Still

Top 3 Tips for Aspiring Producers:

As creative producers, you have the infinite realm of possibilities within you. First, take it upon yourself to explore the power of your mind and tap into the secrets to the universe using your consciousness. Einstein did it, Walter Russell did it, musicians, artists, scientist have done it and do it. Secondly, learn about your mind, and third, use your conscious mind on purpose to create.

This is something we should be educated in when we start school in kindergarten. It doesn’t matter if you haven’t started yet. Today is the first day of the rest of your life. Time doesn’t really exist once you realize how you can collapse time frames, obstacles, and open up the limitless possibilities, you will be in such a state of flow where you will know the universe is conspiring to make sure you succeed. This is a beautiful magical place to be in, so dream the impossible dream. It’s POSSIBLE!

Body of Work & Current Projects

Currently, I am producing Love & Money Secrets TV on Youtube, guiding private clients, and writing three books.

The Friendship Oracle, a metaphysical book with metaphysical principles backed by science with extrasensory magical properties and downloads. I started interviewing people from the US, Japan,Canada, Italy, Spain, Mexico, Costa Rica, Australia and Bali. A Series on the Friendship Oracle is slated to be produced on Youtube Spring of 2021.

Writing the Neuro Health Reset – How to Re Sync to Relink Your Brain to relieve physical pain which has at its origin emotional/psychological/spiritual trauma potentially including ancestral DNA lineage issues.

Writing, “AUBREY”, a futuristic metaphysical book where Twilight Love Story meets the Magnificent, Mystical and Magical traits of Harry Potter, interlacing actual quantum physics and metaphysical practices and secrets that work today. I’ve conducted research for 26 years to weave this story using and applying multiple disciplines in science, religion, metaphysics, energy medicine, history, parapsychology and hermetics.

“Quiet Explosions” documentary rescheduled to premiere in Los Angeles, late-August 2020, with Jerry Sher, Emmy Award winning producer. I helped produce a film segment with Dr. Daniel Amen and Anthony Davis, the Hall of Famer touted as, “The greatest college player never to win the Heisman Trophy,” who “during his Trojan career, Davis won five National Championships – two in football, three in baseball.” Has been Dr. Amen’s patient for over 10 years and a huge advocate for NFL players to get treatments for their head injuries suffered while playing.

DAME Lillian Walker is an intuicognizant energy healer, producer, author, speaker, musician and master mystic facilitator for clearing blocks causing physical, emotional or spiritual pain or reinstalling and activating for you to start living a heart and brain coherent life and connecting you to create and receive your divine birth right. Creator of PhotoMetaGnosis where 8 pictures from an individual are looked at and hidden revelations about their present circumstances are revealed.

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