Community Spotlight with Lauryn Kurniawan

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Community Spotlight with Lauryn Kurniawan
Film Composer, Pianist, Collaborative Piano


Lauryn Kurniawan workspaceWork and Current Projects:

Currently, I’m working as a music composer and sound engineer at Yellow Frog Media Ltd. in Hong Kong under Rob Porter. At the same time, I am interning as a video producer and social media manager in 24Frames and Spotted Zebra Productions, both are video production companies.

Other than those, I have side projects such as being the sound engineer of the audio aspect and music composer for the jingles and background music of a podcast (Instagram: @peak.boredom) that my friends and I decided to create and actually, we launched our first episode this month. I am also the guest speaker for the second episode which will be released probably 10th of July. Another side project would be creating music and sound designing for animations for animators in my university. Then, another side project is actually filmmaking. I am planning to shoot my own short soon, but I am still not certain and cannot give an exact date of when it would be out. I am also a pianist, so I perform for other composers in my university, I perform with other instrumentalists as well, like I do collaborative piano basically.

Lauryn Kurniawan workflowFilm Composing Creative Process:

I would look at the visuals first. Then analyse and talk to the director a lot. Then I would write whatever I like accordingly to the visuals and then have another talk to the director. Basically, the composing and editing music part is really just building a relationship with the director to understand his or her vision on the film and sync our visions together.

Film Composing Challenge and Solution:

Challenge for me is always finding balance actually. Because as a music composer, you always have the tendency of “people must hear my music so they can love it”. And then being so obsessed with the music, I tend to forget the other aspects of audio. So, I would say, finding balance between sound effects, music and dialogue especially, is really difficult. The solution is to find the relationship between the three – sound effects, music and dialogue. When I understand the relationship and how they complement each other, I can solve the balancing problem.


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