Community Spotlight with Joana Mendes

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Community Spotlight with Joana Mendes
Actor, Filmmaker


Current Projects:

I’ve been working as a freelancer in the field of video editing for private companies in Germany. Right now, however, I’m leaving video editing behind, and I’m focusing my time on writing, producing and acting. Maybe directing in the future?

A Memorable Production Experience:

I really loved the pace of being an assistant producer during a shoot. I enjoyed helping so many different crew members and also the cast to get ready between takes.

Challenge & Solution:

Usually budget is an issue when filming a project so sometimes the re-adjust of a script or the logistics of a shoot can be quite challenging achieving in a short period of time. I remember shooting a TV commercial inside a supermarket during nighttime. Which means not only the actors but all the extras had to be wide awake during that shoot. It was my job to take care of the extras through the shoot and also to help rearrange the backdrop of some shoots, rearranging the set etc… I guess the solution for that shoot in particular was a lot of coffee and going into pilot-mode on my brain. Once it was finished and done, it’s a great feeling.

3 Production Tips:

I would say to…

  1. Be a good listener, and of course, think before reacting to a statement (of anybody really).
  2. Do the best you can. Don’t burn yourself out or stress yourself over some things. Filmmaking is about overcoming and going through obstacles, not about overthinking. Mistakes will always be made so be ready to face them and to own them.
  3. Be polite to everybody. I don’t understand why some people are not polite in a work setting. It drives me sometimes mad because I don’t have the power to fire them but I always report it. It’s not good to have people which are not proactive in the project. It’s important to protect the ones who want to work. Not the bullies.

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