Community Spotlight with Gina Carey

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Community Spotlight with Gina Carey
Writer, director, producer, editor and cinematographer.

The Star ConnectionGina Carey is the Founder, President & CEO of her own film company started in October 2015, “Gina Carey Films”, ( becoming the first African American female filmmaker in the Coachella Valley. (

In her company, Gina serves as a writer, director, producer, editor and cinematographer. To date she has produced 7 feature length films. Her body of work includes “The Unexpected”, Feature Film, February 2016; “Aspire to Inspire”, Feature Documentary. February 2016; “The Assumptions”, Feature Film, February 2017; “The One Year Pact”, Feature Film, February 2018; “Rose England”, Feature Film, February 2019; “Acts of Kindness”, Feature Film, March 2019; and “The Star Connection”, Feature Film, March 2020.

“With the launching of my new TV Network, NDME TV (, I was set to begin production on my new TV Drama Series, ‘Agoraphobia’, however, COVID-19 hit and put a temporary halt on the production. I have also produced 2 Talk Shows, ‘Curiosity’ and ‘Tell My Story’ that also premiere of NDME TV.”

StudentFilmmakers Magazine: What was one of your most favorite or memorable scenes to shoot and why?

Gina Carey: I recently filmed a movie called, “The Star Connection” ( There was a scene where one of the leading actors found out something that would soon turn out to be life changing. The scene was very touching and gripping. The actors in this scene, Diana Hintergardt and Jewel Aurty nailed that scene! I was so touched and felt the pain that the actor was feeling. It just felt so real.

StudentFilmmakers Magazine: What is an interesting or memorable production challenge and solution that you experienced?

Gina Carey: Periodically, actors will get sick or something will happen on the day of production sometimes even within hours of shooting that will cause you to think fast to come up with quick solutions to resolve problems so that the cast doesn’t panic. I have definitely had my share of last-minute rewrites, cutting scenes that I felt didn’t fit , having to call other actors in with little time to learn lines and change their character. I’ve experienced equipment malfunctions and had to work around that by being a bit more creative in how I filmed a scene. As a filmmaker, you have to take extra everything with you and never be married to your script. It will almost always change. Go with it. Sometimes it will turn out better than the original. Understand that these things happen to everyone at some point. Nothing in life is perfect. Just fix it and keep it moving.

Gina Carey directors actorsStudentFilmmakers Magazine: If you could share 3 Production Tips what would they be?

Gina Carey:

(#1.) Be open for change. Yes, have a plan, but don’t be dead set on your ideas because it will almost always change.

(#2.) Be humble, loving and kind. Set an atmosphere, be positive creativity on the set. This way your talent can give you the best of themselves. Also, listen to them when they have some input. It doesn’t mean you have to take their advice, but at least be willing to take their concerns in consideration. Drop the pride.

(#3.) Always prepare a list of items you want to take with you on a set. It’s easy to leave things behind. Take double everything just in case there are malfunctions with your equipment. Batteries, recording equipment and even cameras … everything if possible!

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