Community Spotlight with Daniel Hoyos

Film/Video Editor, Seattle, Washington.

#ThrowbackThursday #TBT  Do you remember our Community Spotlight with Daniel Hoyos?

Daniel Hoyos graduated with a degree in digital video production. Some of his experience includes working five years with Final Cut Pro doing video field production work including interview setup and running camera.

“Some of my real world knowledge includes working in my college TV station, making a documentary for a non-profit Chinese information and service center. I also got the chance to be a Post- Production Intern for the television show Biz Kids produced for PBS, where I got my name in the credits of 4 episodes. I always try to gear my work so that it will appeal to a younger audience because I believe the majority of people who consume media today whether it’s threw things like TV, Internet or mobile devices like cell phones are in their teens and twenties.”


Biggest Challenge and Solution:
“During my time as an intern for the television show Biz Kids, I was asked to help edit a profile about a kid with Asperger syndrome who performs magic. I was given a list of interview questions, and my job was to find the corresponding footage then grab the selected takes and put them in a corresponding order.

“Because their way of doing things was different from mine, I was forced to retain my brain and start the thinking process over again, but once I finished, I showed the assistant editor. He just couldn’t believe how good the final edited piece was. Then he told me, I will take this right to the lead editor. And it was only my second week on the job.”

Favorite Technique:
“There are a lot of different techniques I use, but one that I would like to highlight is organization. I feel this is very important to talk about because you can get started on a project and be all disorganized. If you start out with a plan, like buying a hard drive for saving all your footage and making some kind of folder structure, both inside and out of your editing software, you’ll find it much easy to manage your projects.”

Favorite Tool:
“My favorite tool is Final Cut Pro because it helps make my workflow so much easier, and even someone who just started out in this business like me can make any project large or small become a true reality.”

“I would have to say most of my inspiration comes from watching and studying other programs like Epic-Fu, Biz Kids and Mahlo Daily. These are all shows which I have high regard for. Just for the simple fact that you don’t need a lot of money and resources to make and put out a great entertaining show.”


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