Cinec 2014, Celebrating 10th Anniversary Staging!

This year, cinec will deal with the contrasts between the traditional roles of film technology and the challenges of modernity. Digitalization calls for a revamp of all areas from camera to distribution and brings together renowned suppliers and newcomers from the realms of the gaming and computer industry. What is required now more than ever is for professionalism to be the highest priority.

The 10th cinec will take place in Munich this September. This city ranks among the international hot spots of the film industry because of the renowned University for Television and Film Munich (HFF) and the Bavaria film-studios. Approximately a quarter of the cinec exhibitors are from the Bavarian capital or its surroundings, and include market leaders like ARRI and worldwide operating companies like Dedo Weigert, Denz, GFM, Movietech, Panther, or P+S Technik. The proportion of international participants is about 50%.

The focus of the exhibitors clearly concentrates on 4k technology and all major manufacturers offer such cameras, yet a higher resolution alone does not provide the audience with a better picture as much depends on the distance to the screen just like in 3D movies. The new technology comes with other disadvantages including incompatibilities of the format such as DCI 4k to Ultra HD and also the higher costs when printing to film or the greatly enlarged amount of data stressing networks and storage. These concurrent challenging issues offer great opportunities for innovative solutions and cinec provides the perfect venue to explore them.

The Ancillary Program Shines with Exciting Workshops

cinec is more than just a trade show, it is an industry gathering for all who are earning their living in the movie business. The ancillary program “Creativity in the Digital Age” will commence on Saturday, September 20th. This day will deal with issues like the Quality in Recording, Evaluating the Quality of Images in Video and the Internet, the Quality in Arts, the Role of the Lens when Shooting Movies, or simply the “Good Image” where it’s all about tuning the components and parameters like sensor, colour space, resolution and dynamics.

The second day of the cineCongress, Sept 21st, is dedicated to the Quality of Lighting, Sound and Reproduction as well as the potential sources of errors in everyday production. Representatives of industry associations will voice their opinions on the effects of 4k technology on make-up, LEDs and new sources of lighting, printing and colour rendering. In addition, Day 2 will consider when multi-channel audio might be provided to different media. Last but not least will be the presentation of the HFF’s (University for Television and Film) survey among image designers relating to lenses.

The last day, Tuesday 23rd, will explore the Quality in Processing, Distribution and Rendering. Associations will offer specially focussed seminars for professionals in Room K2B of the MOC on all three days of the trade show.

A special highlight on Monday 22nd, will be news of the research project “SCENE” which concentrates on the integration of film, video capture and computer graphics. This EU-funded project runs for 36 months and will end in October 2014. Its results will be published for the first time at the cineCongress and are expected to be revolutionary. The aim of the research is nothing less than a paradigm shift in media production. Accordingly, the list of speakers of this workshop, moderated by Dr. Johannes Steurer, ARRI Cine Technik, will be of the highest calibre.

Speakers will include: Ralf Tanger and Frederik Zilly of the Fraunhofer HHI, IIS respectively, Thorsten Herfet, former research director of Grundig and now working at Visual Computing Institute in similar position, Howard Lukk from the Walt Disney Studios, USA, Jens Tuikiendorf from UFA, Sammy Rogmans from Belgium, Wolfgang Lempp from FilmLight, Rajat Roy (Prime Focus World) and Javier Montesa from Spain.

“Hitting the big screen” at the cinec Awards ceremony

On Monday evening the participants will eagerly await the dazzling highlight of the ancillary program which will be the presentation of the coveted cinecAwards. Once again, awards will be presented by the CineTechnikBayern e.V. (CTB) for outstanding and innovative achievements in the area of cine technology. The ceremony will take place in the magnificent Kaisersaal of the Munich Residenz – at the invitation of the Bavarian State Government – the perfect frame for presenters and winners.

The 10th anniversary edition of cinec – International Trade Fair for Cine Equipment and Technology – will take place in Munich’s MOC, from September 21st to 23rd 2014. Visitors who register online up until September 15th will get a discounted daily ticket for 15€.

All information about the trade fair – list of exhibitors, ancillary program, and registration form – can be found at


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