Cast and Crew of To Find a Monster Head to Sundance

The cast and crew of “To Find A Monster” are at the Sundance Film Festival raising awareness for their new crowdfunding film project. The team is attending Sundance, not only to raise awareness for the film, but also to use Sundance’s newly found social media power to create content to share with followers of the crowdfunding project. With guest causing hashtags like #Sundance and #Sundance2014 to explode in popularity, social media giants such as Instagram, Facebook and YouTube have began using high profile events as part of a larger effort to gain access to some of the hottest names that attend.

This year, big names like Zach Braff, Anna Kendrick, Christina Hendricks, Elle Fanning and Lance Bass have all posed for photos uploaded to The Hollywood Reporter Instagram account. Realizing that it’s not only beneficial for fans, but it’s a great way for filmmakers and a cast to connect with an audience, the team of To Find A Monster set out to compile a massive collection of content that will be used to “connect” with the fans during their IndieGoGo crowdfunding campaign.

“Joshua B. Porter, the film’s Director, Co-producer Amelia Belle, and I went to Sundance to collect content and launch our IndieGoGo film campaign. It certainly didn’t hurt that IndieGoGo was there as well, educating independent filmmakers about the power and possibilities of crowdfunding,” stated the films producer, Matthew Donaldson.

“We went with our publicists, Kim Dixon & Marisa Castagnola, and the entire Dominion3 PR team, to brand our company through a series of Getty & WireImage photo shoots with our celebrity actor/co-producer, Alanna Ubach. With high quality promotional materials in hand, we were guest listed to several exclusive events where we were able to share about TFAM with many of the industries top professionals, both in front of and behind the camera. The response to the story, nature of the project, and the team that is producing it was unanimously positive and exciting! By the time we were leaving Park City, the Sundance Film Festival was buzzing about “To Find A Monster,” continued Donaldson.

“Is it “normal” for filmmakers to take this approach… no. Are we the only ones doing it… no. Is anyone doing like we did it, with the amount of preparation and exclusive access to celebrities and top industry professionals… not even close.” Donaldson concluded.

The Film is based on the concept of the 80s feel-good films like The Goonies, Stand By Me and The Monster Squad. These films invited us in and gave us a chance to feel like any of us, no matter where we started from, could be heroes and – at the same time – could connect us with our challenges and fears. These films were about the underdog overcoming despite the odds – yet the films were warm, inviting and family-friendly as well,” stated the films director, Joshua Porter.

“To Find A Monster shows that growing up “geek” in the 80s was tough. After losing his Father, Lenny Thorpe might have never made it out alive, if it wasn’t for his heroically enduring Mother, and that Summer between Middle School and High School when he, along with his cohort in crime, Patrick Barry, set his sights on a little piece of history… they were going to be the youngest horror filmmakers ever!” Porter concluded.

“I was excited when this crowdfunding project was brought to my attention. It’s a rather ambitious project, but with the teams work ethic and amazing crew and actors that have attached to the film, I have no doubt that it’s not only going to be a successful crowdfunding film campaign, but it’s also going to be a very well received film, stated Philip Cardwell, Co-founder of Crowdfunding Accelerator.

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