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“Hi there, my name is Emmanuel, and I compose film scores. I am a classical music enthusiast, and song-writing graduate with the Berklee College of Music, which is why I am able to create beautiful and dynamic melodies for scoring film and video. St. Lucian born, I am a versatile Score & Soundtrack Composer/Songwriter/Producer, writing in multiple genres such as Christian, Country, Pop, Reggae, Rock, RnB & Instrumental. Some of my songs have either placed first, reached the finals or semi-finals of numerous International Song-writing Competitions, previously won by Billboard chart-toppers.” ~carlossto


How did composing music and writing lyrics become a career for you?

Emmanuel Carlos St. Omer: I’m a professional songwriter who decided in January 2021 to attempt the art of composing themes which can work with film. The wonderful thing is the transition has been easy for me. With songwriting, one has 3 minutes in which to grab and hold a listener’s attention, and that calls for being able to create captivating melodies, which is what I try to bring to the table when composing instrumentals. I work very quickly, sometimes completing a composition in a day or two, so I’m hoping that I can eventually make a career of it as well.

What technologies, software and gear, as well as instruments do you use to compose your music?

Emmanuel Carlos St. Omer: For composing instrumental music, I prefer to use MOTU’s Digital Performer, because of its editing capabilities and vast libraries of samples and sounds. For songwriting, I go to Ableton and Push for its trendy sounds. While I’m a self-taught pianist, there are times when the mood of the music calls for natural instruments like Cello, Viola, Harp, Flute, Lute, etc., and that’s when I request the assistance of other accomplished musicians. It’s never good to be selfish by trying to do everything yourself. If the song needs a sweet guitar strum or a unique vocal sound, then find that person and work with them. It will give the music more authenticity.

What are some of your thoughts on the relationship between music and moving images?

Emmanuel Carlos St. Omer: It’s supposed to be the perfect marriage. Two partners who compliment each other. One speaks while the other listens. The same with music and moving images. These too should never clash, or interrupt each other. They must work perfectly together, in fast, slow or still motion. The music will let you hear how softly a pin can drop or how loudly a person’s temper can flare up.

Can you share a quick tip for young filmmakers on collaborating with composers?

Emmanuel Carlos St. Omer: Don’t be shy about what you’re looking for and even when you get something from a composer that seems to work 99%, ask for the missing 1% or else you will never be happy. It’s very important also to reference other composers who you would like your music to sound like, such as Hans Zimmer or James Horner, for example. Find a composer who believes in the emotions of your film as seriously as you do, so that their feelings and yours will be in sync.

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