CAMERAWORK | “A Conversation with Steadipod Creator and Inventor: Multi-Emmy Award Recipient Eddie Barber”

Interview Conducted by Jody Michelle Solis

StudentFilmmakers Magazine: What is an example of a shot that you are most proud of to date? 

Eddie Barber: This one L-O-N-G Shot “Mannequin Challenge” that we made for a contest and won $20,000 (for something that was shot in less than a minute)! (

StudentFilmmakers Magazine: Steadipod operating techniques depend on the nature of the shot. Could you share with us your favorite steadipod operating techniques along with some examples of shots?

Eddie Barber: SteadiPod operating techniques are simple:

  1. Hold it by the swivel handle with 3 fingers and your thumb making sure that you don’t touch the shaft unless you are wanting to control the direction.
  2. If you do want to control the direction then barely touch the shaft with your pinky finger using it as a brake so that you can then pan and or tilt it with your wrist.
  3. Point it in the directions that you choose.
  4. Use your imagination and have fun getting AWESOME SHOTS!

StudentFilmmakers Magazine: Did you ever experience Murphy’s Law on set? If so, what was the Challenge and Solution?  

Eddie Barber:


Was once shooting (and directing) a Music Video for “The Newtrons” (they were Michael Jackson’s little Cousins).  They had an over bearing Manager (their Father) who approved a school location, but then on the day of the shoot changed his mind and decided that he wanted to shoot at “Hollywood High School” on Sunset Blvd.  To make things even more dicey he wanted his son’s (none of which had a driver’s licence) to drive up in front of the school in a BMW Convertible, park in a no parking spot, then abandon the vehicle and run up the steps and into the school.  ALL without even a Film Permit”, Police or Security.

(Lucky) Solution:

Fortunately, there was a rally there that day and the Police seemed preoccupied with the Rally, and paid no attention to us.  We were even able to get a few dozen of the Rally Folks to be extras in our video which added huge production value to the shots.

StudentFilmmakers Magazine: By the way, what are your favorite cameras to shoot with, and why? 

Eddie Barber: Canon 80D & 77D, mostly because they allow for playback on the Camera’s screen of 60p shots @ 40% (24p slow-mo).  And their affordable!

StudentFilmmakers Magazine: If you could share with filmmakers around the world your insights or Top 3 Tips related to camerawork what would they be? 

Eddie Barber: Practice, be creative, think outside of the box, and know that it’s OK (even AWESOME) to tilt on the horizon axis!



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