Blend Media & Al Caudullo to Host 360 Workshop For 360 Content Creators in Tokyo Japan

Blend Media has the largest and most comprehensive stock 360 Immersive Video Library in the world as well as a global network of over 600 x 360 creators.

With Tokyo being the site for the site for 2020 Olympics, Blend Media’s Head of Content, Simon Brooksbank and Al Caudullo are teaming up for a 360 Workshop on, -“Maximizing the commercial potential of 360 content in the lead up to Tokyo 2020 for creators based in Japan.”

The aim of the workshop is to help understand 360° stock video and the revenue potential this immersive medium has for the creators in Japan in consideration of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.


Tokyo 2020 may seem a long way away, but agencies, brands, and sponsors are furiously working on strategies to maximize coverage on an Olympian level. Audience engagement is paramount, innovation key and expectation huge, so never before has there been a better opportunity for 360° video to be center stage at such a global event.


Together the pair will thoroughly explain and advise the creators in Japan how to utilize the new medium to be a part of the innovation and make money creating Japanese-themed 360° video content.


We will also discuss how Blend Media is keeping 360 content competitive in the face of expanding and changing content demands. All of this to keep Immersive Content revenue streams growing with the demand.


Even if you are not based in Japan, this workshop can offer you valuable information about how to create a revenue stream with your 360 Immersive content.


The 360 Workshop will take place at the Akatsuki conference room on the 29th floor of the Grand Nikko Tokyo Daiba, just around the corner from the IVRPA conference at 6.00 – 8.00pm on Monday 28th May.

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