420 9th Avenue
New York, N.Y. 10001


B&H the professional’s source for Photography, Videography, Pro Audio and filmmaking equipment for over 40 years, is known throughout the industry for its honesty, Integrity, and personalized service. B&H is the world’s largest photo and video supplier covering complete lines of most manufacturers and brands including all accessories and parts needed for most any project.

B&H’s 70,000-square-foot, two-story New York City Superstore features a full city block of over 400,000 products that includes a large dedicated staff with knowledgeable film and video experts and techniques ready to work with you to assure that your project has everything needed to get the job done right and on time. Also, be sure to browse our website for photo, video, pro audio, and lighting departments, with the latest technology to provide solutions on all your filmmaking needs in the film and motion picture industry.

With the proliferation of computers and software and their ever increasing power, B&H presents you with expanded opportunities to advance in creativity for the newest trends in filmmaking, lighting. Their highly skilled team of industry experts are always ready to assist you, by phone, online or chat. Your orders are handled carefully and reliably. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Whether you’re ready to sell your equipment to upgrade or to get a great deal on pre-owned gear, the B&H Used Department makes it easy to receive top prices plus free shipping for your used gear.

B&H has loyally served its customers for generations and our experts are always ready to listen and help you find the perfect solution for all your professional Video and Broadcast needs.

If you are in New York City be sure to make it to the Superstore for the ultimate experience and if you can’t make it shop online and receive the same quality service, integrity and support at BandH.com


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