Become an Influencer and Improve Your Branding as a Filmmaker

by Tushar Unadkat

In today’s competitive social media presence and an increasingly individualized society, it is vital to understand the importance of branding. Your branding influences your business development, whether you are an actor, art director, music composer, makeup artist, producer, or any other part of the filmmaking industry.

Branding is the ongoing process of creating a prescribed image or impression in others’ minds about yourself or your business identity.

Branding yourself means developing a unique professional identity and a coherent message that sets you apart from others in your company or your industry. I share a few valuable tips that might help you in creating your brand:

  • Be yourself while building your platform
  • Thoughtfully craft your brand persona
  • Generously share your expertise
  • Own your social media *handles and space
  • Recognize your distinctiveness and your assets
  • Recognize your principles and set your priorities

*Handle. In the online world, a handle is another word for a username. It can refer to the name you use in chat rooms, web forums, and social media services. Handles, on the other hand, are public usernames to identify people online.

Previously, it was essential designing and printing business cards when you attend events, was one of the ways to endorse your branding. However, in the current times, you network and promptly connect via social/professional networks.

Imagine how quickly any commercials on TV sell a product or service within 30 seconds; similarly, working in the creative industry, it is equally necessary for us to have a consistent and concise 30-sec elevator pitch too. A quick, engaging introduction that we use at networking events.

When you make any appointments, make sure you show up 15 minutes before time, listen, and build trust. After the meetings, remember to send a thank-you note and follow up on any pending matters. It is also appreciated when we include related posts.

As an influencer, make sure you have completed all your social media profiles and especially on LinkedIn. This action is directly relevant to branding that keeps you current in your chosen field, opens doors for you, and creates a lasting impression on clients. Regularly updating your profiles and website(s) with fresh content is a must, this develops loyalty and trust.

The brand you build is perhaps the most critical way you can stand out as an influencer and how people remember you.

Branding often comprises the claim of one’s name to various services or products. For example, I share my multiple handles on social media:

  1. Website –
  2. Instagram –
  3. Twitter –
  4. Facebook –
  5. LinkedIn –
  6. IMDB –

Please feel free to follow me and ask more questions if you may have, and I’ll be happy to respond at my earliest convenience. All the best!

Tushar UnadkatTushar Unadkat has worked as an art director, production designer and set designer on numerous productions including the award-winning films, The Peace Tree, Flavors, and Dry Whiskey. In the past decade, Tushar has executed art direction in the film, fashion, advertising and events industry in the US, England, Scotland, France, Germany, Netherlands, India and Canada. He is the CEO & Creative Director of MUKTA Advertising. His website is



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