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During the COV-19 Pandemic We are Looking for Online Streaming Events, Workshops, Webinars For the Filmmaking Community  


Kim Welch - Publisher / Editor
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21/03/2020 1:22 pm  

This is a hard time and many filmmakers who are homebound. The filmmaking community is important to us and we want them in any way we can. We are looking for a filmmaker's online activities list that we can put together for filmmakers to do in the safety of their homes, apartments, and facilities. During this no contact social distancing we hope you can visit us online.

We are looking for things that we can do as a community. If you have suggestions or something taking place to let us know the date and time by signing up and posting it in the community section, networking section or the forums. If you are looking for things to do be sure the check back with us. We know that some of you are are going through a hard time and we want you to know that we will get through this and that we are available to support you and our community in any way possible. If you need anything don't hesitate to ask.


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