Azden’s New PRO-XR 2.4GHz Wireless Mic Offers Incredibly Reliable Performance

Azden’s latest offering, the PRO-XR, is a 2.4 GHz wireless lavalier microphone system that’s designed to deliver trouble-free audio to video creators of all types.

Users are likely to find a lot of appeal in the system’s many features; among them are its compact size, ease-of-use, long-lasting rechargeable lithium-ion batteries, 6-step volume adjustment, auxiliary audio input, pro-level lavalier microphone, and smartphone accessories.

But the main edge the PRO-XR has over the other digital wireless microphones on the market today is reliability. When it comes to a dependable wireless connection, there are three features that really set the PRO-XR apart from the rest of the pack.

Signal Redundancy Technology

With Azden’s proprietary technology, the PRO-XR system sends and receives 2 wireless signals, instead of just one. With this redundancy wireless performance increases dramatically, resulting in far fewer audio dropouts. In addition to the robustness due to redundancy, the PRO-XR constantly monitors the 2.4 GHz spectrum and intelligently switches to always use the clearest frequency for transmission. [VIDEO: Learn more about how the PRO-XR avoids signal interruption.]

External Antenna Design

What was once commonplace is becoming less so in digital systems these days. Azden stuck with traditional external antennas for the PRO-XR for one reason: better wireless performance. Other brands are hiding their antennas inside the components, which makes for a sleeker looking design, sure, but hinders wireless performance. The PRO-XR kit includes two different transmitter antennas: A thin, flexible antenna for comfort and good performance in most situations, and a high-gain antenna for optimal performance in critical situations. Azden recommends the latter for reliable performance when placing the transmitter behind-the-back (something the other brands can’t really offer).

Adjustable Transmitter Output Power

This feature is usually only found on much more expensive systems and gives the user the ability to control the transmitter’s output power. The system’s default setting is 20 mW, which can be increased to either 50 mW or 100 mW with only a modest tradeoff in battery life. Increasing the output power helps to prevent dropouts in a crowded Wi-Fi environment or when there are obstructions to line-of-sight. A higher output power also increases the system’s maximum distance.

The PRO-XR 2.4 GHz Wireless Microphone System is available now for $249.00 from online retailers and many local camera stores nationwide.


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