Astora lights presents And Action, a new kind of short film challenge aimed at empowering young filmmakers to play and experiment.

Filmmakers accepting the challenge get one month, 2500 euros, Astora lights to use and complete creative freedom to make any short film they want on the condition that they agree to work with one obstruction. This obstruction is a limitation meant to jumpstart their imagination and unleash their creative skills. Each month a new filmmaker will be picked through an open call and challenged to make a new short film. The And Action challenge is launched on with the release of four short films by four emerging filmmakers.

With this challenge Astora not only wants to show that their lights are a great way to light any kind of film production, but also challenge conventional funding of film productions. Filmmakers, along with many other people in creative disciplines, are often stuck in between working autonomously without any funding or on commissions with very little autonomy. They rarely get funded to play and improvise, to create the unexpected. Astora wants to inspire and prove that creative freedom can lead to extraordinary results and more fun.

Sometimes technical, sometimes conceptual, the obstructions are meant to disrupt the normal working process and serve as a way to unlock the filmmaker’s imagination and creative powers. In the first four films the obstructions ranged from lighting an entire studio with a single light to having to mirror the amount of people behind the camera to the amount of people in front while filming in a public place. While they seemed impossible at first, there was always a solution.

The first filmmakers who took part are Jonathan Herzberg, Sanja Marušić, Sem Voortman and Joey de Leeuw. In the short time they were given they produced a short drama, an experimental fashion film, a miniaturized talk show and a mythological tale shot on 16mm film.

All films along with information about the creative process – the making of and behind the scenes – can be found on Interested filmmakers who want to take part can sign up for the open call here as well. More behind the scenes footage, along with extra materials and clips from the different productions can be found on the Astora social media channels.

About Astora
Astora ( designs and manufactures high-quality lights for photographers and filmmakers. Its headquarters is located in Helmond, the Netherlands.

Jurjen Semeijn – Project Director, jurjen (at) ihavepop (dot) com, +31646078282


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