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Are you ready for the Solar Ready Giveaway

Goal Zero’s mission is to empower people because we believe in human potential. The potential to go farther and do more than you ever thought possible; the potential to provide a sustainable future for you and your family; the potential to make a difference in the lives of people everywhere.

One of the outputs of that mission, and our vision, is to put power in the hands of every human being. We start with giving to programs like TIFIE and Share the Sun, where we set up projects to light villages and create sustainable power systems across the world. Our customers purchase products to power their lives, and can donate a portion of the sale to one of the projects. it comes full circle when we empower our employees and partners to get involved to complete the projects.

So why empower people? Because we believe in improving lives and our products do just that.”

For more info and to enter to win visit: http://www.goalzero.com/giveaway/solar-ready….