AMAZON StoryWriter: FREE Screenwriting Tool

Formatting your screenplay

Storywriter automatically formats your screenplay as you type – you don’t need to tell Storywriter what kind of element you want to use. Each element gets formatted when you move to the next line.

The formatting rules are simple:

  • Scene headings start with INT or EXT, with any capitalization.
  • Characters start on their own line with every letter capitalized.
  • Dialogue always starts directly after a character element, unless it’s wrapped with a parentheses (in which case it will become a parenthetical).
  • Parentheticals start after a character or dialogue element.
  • Transitions end in colons, but we also match common expressions like FADE OUT.
  • Notes are wrapped in double square brackets, like [[Note]].

You can now add any combination of bold, italic, and underline styling to text in your script. Just highlight a range of text and click the “B”, “I”, or “U” icon in the header, or use standard keyboard shortcuts.

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