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On the Cover: "Shooting Action Sports"
Online Exclusive: Hiro Narita, ASC

Photo by: Paciano Triunfo, 2019, on the set of “Late Lunch,”directed by Eleanor Coppola.Connecting the Dots

By Hiro Narita, ASC

More often than not, filmmakers have their beginning in diverse disciplines - from writing, acting, music, architecture - the list is abundant. Having started in graphic design and illustration, storytelling with moving images ultimately became my aspiration. Through unlikely paths, some of us chose filmmaking as a fulfilling profession and our lives intersected and eventually converged...

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Sabina VajračaSabina Vajrača on Directing Award-Winning Student Film, "Variables"

If you have a crazy idea you want to try but are too scared to do it, do it anyway. You want to film an action scene lit only in green, with psychedelic music as a score? Sure, why not? Or you’re thinking your favorite TV actor would be great for your student short and wanna send it to their agent? Go for it! I’ve found that, in general, people are more willing to help, and to forgive, someone just starting out, because they think, "Oh, they don’t know any better."...

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Darius DawsonDarius Dawson on Directing Award-Winning Thesis Short, "A Rodeo Film"

For me, "A Rodeo Film" was about normalizing black voices, so I want you to talk about this film like you would any other film. I was fortunate enough to do this story set in this amazing world that I, myself, am still learning about, so hopefully people leave and want to learn more about the Bill Pickett Invitational, current black cowboys, or the history of black people in the American West. But most importantly, I want people to talk about the plot, the characters, the performances, the cinematography.

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Addison DlottAddison Dlott on Directing Award-Winning Student Documentary, "Queen of the Dinosaurs: A Wrestler's Story"

Fail forward. You will fail. A lot. As a director, you will have great triumphs and failures. Allow them to both be epic. But when you fail, mourn, make it quick, and move on. The success you will find at the end of the journey would not be possible without the defeat. Learn from your mistakes, and you must be resilient and fearless to move past your failures...

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Paul RichardsThe Unofficial Guide to vMix: Professional Live Video Production for Students

Live video production is becoming an essential part of the education field. In middle and high schools, students no longer receive information through newsletters and announcements over a loudspeaker. Instead, with screens in every classroom, and students interested in learning about video and technology, school days often start with student-run productions. More high schools now offer video production courses and optional broadcast club memberships. Many Colleges and Universities have full broadcasting departments serving the growing job market. Even K-12 public schools now have small clubs with some form of closed-circuit or web-based student broadcast station...

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