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Learning to make movies

Room Tone vs Background Tracks

  By Fred Ginsburg, CAS, Ph.D. Everyone who has ever taken a film class has heard about the importance of recording a few seconds of

Pace ²

Pictured above: David K. Irving directing a scene for feature film, “Night of the Cyclone.”   Pace ² By David K. Irving Pace is an

CRIFF Call for Entries

The 2023 Cedar Rapids Independent Film Festival will be held April 14-15, 2023 at the Collins Road Theatres, 1462 Twixt Town Road, Marion, Iowa. The

Danny Boyle Reflects on “Slumdog”

By Scott Essman After just a quick glance at his wildly diverse credits, one might easily describe director Danny Boyle’s career as eclectic. After debuting

A Synchronized Light Show

Creative Music Video Lighting to Test and Refine Your Chops by Kevin Zanit Music videos offer a great opportunity for cinematographers to try new and

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