2016 Austin 48 Hour Film Project Awards & Best Of Screening

Come see the Creme de la Creme of the 2016 Austin 48 Hour Film Project!. The festival’s Top Films will showcase at Southwest Lake Creek Discount Theater, with an awards show to follow.

The Top Films are:

  • “… (Ellipse)” by Team Straight to DVD [Mystery]
  • “Down to Earth” by Team Unclarity Entertainment [Road Movie]
  • “Fathers Day” by Team Enligh10 Media/Me, A Camera, and a Tripod Production [Holiday Film]
  • “Hunt For The Book of Lost Souls Episode 12 The Man Who Would Be King or The Beginning of an End” by Team Revolution Monkey [Adventure Serial]
  • “Interface” by Team The Texas Film Revolution [Sci Fi]
  • “Prophecy of the Quill” by Team Brandon Reich Films [Fantasy]
  • “Tea & Therapy” by Team Glyphic Film Company [Romance]
  • “The Wilting” by Team Charlotte Corday [Detective/Cop]
  • “Thicker Than Water” by Team YOUvolution [Family Film]
  • “Traveler” by Team Strawberry Moon Pictures [Fantasy]
  • “Tree House” by Team Red Twit Entertainment [War or Anti-War Film]
  • “Until Death Do Us Part” by Team Common Culprits [Action/Adventure]
  • “Until the Bitter End” by Team E|H Films [Holiday Film]

Hosted By:
2016 Austin 48 Hour Film Project Awards & Best Of Screening

When and Where:
Southwest Theaters Lake Creek Discount Theater
13729 Research Boulevard #1500, Austin, TX 78750
Sunday, July 31, 2016 from 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM (CDT)

Resources: http://www.48hourfilm.com/austin-tx

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