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  • Win $1000! Enter Directing Change California High School Student Video Contest!

    Win $1000! Enter Directing Change California High School Student Video Contest! Students throughout California are invited to Direct Change by submitting 60-second videos in two categories: suicide prevention and eliminating stigma about mental illness. The winning teams and their associated schools will win cash prizes, qualify to win suicide prevention programs for their schools and will be recognized at an award ceremony at the end of the 2012-13 school year. Visit the campaign website for contest rules and information: The submission deadline is March 1, 2013.  Resources:
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  • NASA's REEL Science Communication Contest - Submit Your Entries!

    NASA's REEL Science Communication Contest Audience: 9-12 Educators and Students Deadline for submitting videos is Feb. 15, 2013. Looking for something to do this winter? How about producing a NASA video? NASA earth science missions are seeking talented high school students to create videos that engage students in earth science. This contest challenges high school students to produce a two-minute video for middle school students on one of three topics: Ozone, Ship Tracks, or the Water Cycle by 2/15/13. Winning videos will be posted on NASA’s website and winners will work with NASA scientists and comm...
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  • Making Lunch Fun by SpaghettiOs - Video Assignment by Poptent

    Making Lunch Fun by SpaghettiOs Video Assignment hosted by Poptent Create a fun and engaging video for SpaghettiOs that will remind viewers of their inner child while driving them to purchase the product for their own kids. They are not looking for a traditional ad, so get O so creative with this! Visit to learn more, and check out all our video and short film assignments -- with more than $181,000 in awards up for grabs! Let Poptent help build your video business.
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  • "Share the Story" Short Film Contest - Submit Your Video Entries!

    "Share the Story" Short Film Contest. Win Big Cash Prizes or Trips to Brazil. Announcing the "Share the Story" Short Film Contest with cash awards of up to $8,000 or four paid trips to Brazil to experience World Youth Day 2013, an international faith-based event. Contest topics include social justice issues, morality, the search for happiness, why have religion. Award categories will recognize a documentary on a present-day missionary, donating $1,000 to the effort and awarding $2,000 or one WYD trip to the filmmaker. Find resources on Catholic Christianity and contest details at
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  • "Each Moment is the Universe": Short Film Shot on 7D

    Shot on Canon 7D. Story: A boy is reborn with memories of his previous lives and tries to fix the mistakes of the past. Director: Bruce Thierry Cheung Writer: Jeremy Craig Cheung Producer: Jacob Robinson Cinematographers: Bruce Cheung and Jacob Robinson Associate Producers: Ananwat Phuwiban and Lauren Santiago Production Manager: Chin Tangsakulsathaporn Transportation: Peeratat Pothawin Production Assistant: Tossapol Tangpitaksamer Starring Vittavas Teeta Salitgaeert Jeemoon Natthakan Wiwatkitsakul Chananon Chomphusri Songwut Chomphusri Supoj Insamean Thitima Pothaya Pitsanu Srimongkol Voice Over by Pratya Mothan Song is "Svefn-G-Englar" from Sigur Ròs Tribeca Film Festival 2011 Toyota Film Award Film Expo Asia Resources:
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  • G-TECHNOLOGY™ Launches "Driven Creativity" Awards Competition

    G-Technology Continues to Support the Creative Brilliance of Today's Artists in Film, Music, Photography and Animation, Giving a Chance to Win $5,000 Toward Their Next Project (SAN JOSE, CA) Known for delivering premium external storage solutions engineered to meet the needs of the content creation and Apple® Mac® community, G-Technology today announced that its Driven Creativity 2012 awards competition is now open for submissions at Initially launched in 2010 in Europe, G-Technology is bringing its Driven Creativity competition to the United States this year. The Driven Creativity awards competition reinforces G-Technology's commitment to supporting the unique efforts of the creative community. Amateurs and professionals who work in, or have a passion for film, photography, music or animation have the opportunity to have their unique work and talent celebrated and recognized not just for its aesthetic qualities, but for the dedication, innovation and drive that went into creating it. Gallery Exhibition G-Technology will celebrate, promote and showcase the successful work of the overall winner and the finalists at a gallery exhibition in New York in November 2012. This will include a private opening at an exclusive ven...
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    Call for Entry: The ROSWELL COMIC-CON & FILM FEST is calling for entries to this year's fest. Aside from looking for the latest and greatest in independent Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and whatever else might encompass the Roswell spirit, 5 short screenplay entrants (12 pages or less) will be selected to travel to Roswell, NM and spend one week turning their scripts into films, where they will debut the following week at a special festival event. for entry info. Contest Deadline: May 19, 2012. Submit your entries today!...
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  • Submit Your 60-Second Video to SunFest for Your Shot at the Grand Prize: $1,500.00

    Submit your 60 second video for your chance to win! SunFest – Florida's largest music waterfront festival (held May 2-6 in West Palm Beach, Florida) is conducting a Tell the World about SunFest 2012 Video Contest. Submit a :60 video by April 1 for your shot at the Grand Prize: The Coin -- $1500. The MacDaddy Pass of Passes -- Two (2) Gold Backstage passes for 5 days. The Perks -- Hotel stay at Hyatt Place for two (2) nights. The Swag -- Two SunFest shirts. The Fame -- Video featured on Contest Deadline...
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  • 2 Weeks Left! Create your 90-second video, win up to $3,000!

    2 weeks left to create your 90-second video about saving money and win up $3,000!

    Go to:
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  • FEATURED: Make a Video for Southwest Airlines for Your Chance at $9,000

    Make a video for Southwest Airlines for your chance at $9,000. For too long, Customers have been wronged by other airlines that charge unreasonable fees. Your mission will be to create a video that shows how Southwest Airlines enforces "Fare Play" on behalf of the Customer who has been wronged by the other airlines. Your video should be sports themed, 0:30-0:60 seconds and should generate a belly laugh or two. Click the link for detail...
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  • FEATURED:'s "My School is Too Cool" Video Contest

    The’s “My School is Too Cool” video contest is underway. CBR is the fastest growing textbook rental company in the USA. The contest prizes are $1,000.00, first place, $500 CBR book scholarship, second place and $250 book scholarship for third place. Enter your videos at and please read the official rules. We want videos that will go viral on YouTube. The contest introductory video can be seen at Be funny, sad, emotional or action packed. Use College Book Renter and the name of the school somewhere in the video. -...
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  • FEATURED: Make a Video for Rapala's Trigger X® Lures for Your Chance at $9,000

    Make a video for Rapala's Trigger X® Lures for your chance at $9,000. Trigger X® has pheromones that no fish can refuse. We are looking for youthful, energetic, fun, bright, edgy videos, targeting bass anglers nationwide. The objective is to build awareness for the relatively new Trigger X® brand and encourage consumers to purchase the soft baits. Click the link for details. Deadline is September 15th, 2011. -...
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  • 2011 Prestige Film Award Announces Call for Entries

    The Prestige Film Award is currently accepting entries into the 2011 award contest. The Prestige Film Awards' mission is to provide a spotlight for aspiring filmmakers who are looking for public recognition of their creative efforts. The Prestige Award represents acknowledgement of the artistic merit due to heretofore unrecognized video productions. Award recipients include directors, producers, actors and technicians. This contest is for all levels of film makers, for those looking for professional r...
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  • FEATURED: Make a Video for TiVo for Your Chance at $9,000

    Make a video for TiVo for your chance at $9,000. Most people think of TiVo as merely a DVR, even though it's a complete home entertainment solution. Create a video to introduce the TiVo idea of "Brilliant TV" to the world. Brilliant TV is always having your must-see shows waiting for you. It's that movie you want to see, delivered whenever you're ready. It's the music that moves you. It's sharing a hilarious viral...
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  • The Viral Film Project to Announce NEW Call for Entries

    The Viral Film Project will soon be announcing their new call for entries. You heard it here first. Stay tuned!What is the Viral Film Project? The VFP is an ongoing series of competitions, each having a unique subject. Competitors are kept in the dark about the full details until the entry deadline. Once all entries are in, the full details are announced and competitors have two...
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