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  • Welcome to the StudentFilmmakers Forums

    Welcome to the Student Filmmakers Forums Section of our Filmmakers Internet Network

    We believe that we are all Students and that even the seasoned Pro is Learning

    We want to encourage all filmmakers from the young making their videos on cell phones and laptops to the Alexa and Red cameras users working on big budget films.
    So, let me explain our website because we have different sections to it and it requires you to sign up for each section separately. Some users complain about this and don't understand why it is like this. Many many years ago when we started security was a bigger problem than it is today. Not to minimalize in anyway the importance of it today but it was way worse 10 years ago.

    Wordpress was constantly behing hacked back then and many programs could not be kept safe without constant updates. We found that by having separate sections we could keep the site operating while dealing with any problems created by hackers and it provided us with system diversity and redundancy that protected us from software companies who didn't update.

    We had and still have a plan A, B, C and D and keep things separated with a firewall to the best of our abilities. At sometime we may integrate all the sections when we have a larger tech staff but at this time we have 4 main sections to the overall network.

    Below are the different sections you can sign up for to gain access to the community there and the benefits of each.

    A. We have the main site which is where we post content from the magazines and for our e-newsletters. You can also post jobs and resumes as well as post written articles for the website from this section.

    B. We have these forums which are like bulletin boards of old where you can post pretty much anything and you can sign up at this link

    C. Networking section which is where we get a lot of content for our magazine from the filmmakers there and as a member you can friend, chat, like and share with filmmakers around the world and showcase your work and production stills. You can sign up here:

    D. The store which is where you can sign up for magazines, buy books, sign up for workshops and get updates on special offers. You can sign up here

    These forums are centered on film and digital video production. You may discuss related topics here freely. We appreciate it if you use your real name.

    If you wish to discuss unrelated outside issues please do so on an appropriate forum not here.

    * We encourage freedom of speech. You may express your views and opinions in these forums, but please understand that depending on the content, our staff may feel obliged to delete or moderate your postings as we see fit.

    Thank you and enjoy
    Truly Kim & Staff
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    "We are All Students"

    Kim Edward Welch

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