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  • The Lighthouse | Drama Short Film

    Sverre is a kindhearted but taciturn lighthouse keeper who lives alone on the isolated Hvaløya Island. Early one May morning, Sverre gets an unexpected guest, who forces him to face his past.

    Silje Helene Smestad - Director
    Silje Helene Smestad - Writer
    Ida Elise Sylte Gjerde - Producer
    Edvard Hægstad - Key Cast (Tuba Atlantic)
    Anne Kristine Olden - Key Cast
    Lisa Linnea Løvåsen - Director of Photography
    Renate Tindvik Klokkerhaug - Production Designer
    Ola Wist Holmen - Composer
    Silje Helene Smestad - Editor

    Genres: Fiction, Drama
    Country of Origin: Norway
    Completion Date: June 16, 2016
    Film Language: Norwegian
    Shooting Format: Digital

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    I am having a hard time reading the translations or captions again the backgrouns at times but it could just be my old eyes. I like it but for me the action and the takes or cuts are to long. I like things to move and give different interesting angles. The establishing shot is to long. I am watching this old guy drink coffee. I am watching this clock ticking. It's moving to slow. Not sure if you were doing that for effect or trying to fill up time. I am staring at a picture. if all the scenes are long it has no emphasis when you want a long emotional take. It might just be me so don't take it hard but it moves to slow for me.
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